Augenspray von bitopEQUI

Experience with the bitopEQUI® EYE Spray & Drops

Augenspray von bitopEQUI

We wanted to know what our customers think and together with ehorses we did a product test for our eye products. The testers applied the bitopEQUI® EYE Spray and bitopEQUI® EYE Drops each to one eye of their horse and were thus able to compare optimally. Three of the testers described and documented their experiences for you in an article. The other 36 testers completed our survey and we would like to share the results with you.

The testers were very satisfied with our eye products. More than 75% noticed a significant improvement after only 2 weeks and 81% will buy the product after the test.

Of course, some of you have a favourite product, but the bitopEQUI® products still rated better than all other products that the customers used before.

experiences EYE Drops & Spray

We are very happy about such positive results, but we also wanted to know - which product is your favourite? The decision of the testers was clear: 75% prefer the bitopEQUI® EYE Spray.

And why? See yourself:

EYE Spray & Drops experiences

Are you part of Team EYE Spray or Drops? Are you still not sure? Or do you have questions about our eye products? Then please write us a message or leave a comment..

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