Sonne, Salz und Meer – Wellness für Dein Pferd

Sun, salt and sea - wellness for your horse

Strandurlaub mit Pferd

Galloping along the beach with your own horse - who doesn't dream of it? Especially now, when the temperature is usually over 30 degrees and you can only go to the stable at 6 o'clock in the morning, the desire for sand and sea is growing. Just let the horse run and enjoy the freedom with the wind in your hair!

It has long been known that the sea makes you happy. But the saltair is not only good for us, but also for our four-legged friends. Especially for horses with ROA or IAD the sea climate is soothing for the respiratory tract.

We wanted to find out more about how a holiday like this works. Traveling with a horse is something completely different and also creates many uncertainties. What if my horse doesn't want to go into the sea at all? How will my horse be accommodated? What costs do should I expect? Can I always ride on the beach? What do I need to pack for such a riding holiday?

We asked Uwe Ruyling, owner of a horse pension in the east of the island of Borkum, about this. For him, the well-being of the horse is always the first priority and he loves to observe how the relationship between horse and rider is strengthened by the time spent together and all the new experiences. Did you know that Borkum is the only island where you can ride everywhere at the beach without any exceptions?

He also talks about the positive influence of the sea on horse and rider. Not only horses with respiratory diseases benefit from the sea climate, he says the environment also has an incredibly positive effect on the hooves. Because of the salty sandy beach, typical hoof diseases like mallenders do not exist on Borkum.

Pferd wälzt sich am Strand

What does such a ferry trip mean for my horse?

Borkum can be reached with 2 ferries, one from Emden and one from Eemshaven. The horses do not have to be reloaded for the crossing, but can be taken in a trailer onto the ferry. The horses usually find a ferry crossing much more pleasant than travelling by road. There are no abrupt movements, fewer shocks and no other cars drive around them. Uwe talks about very relaxed horses and did not experience any stress.

What if I would like to swim with my horse and it doesn't dare to come in?

The horses are all very different. Some horses go into the water immediately, others need a bit because they don't know the moving water. But after no later than 20 minutes, all horses go into the water. With the rolling waves, some horses sometimes take a step to the side, but nobody is really scared. Once the horses are in the water, most of them don't want to get out and swimming is no problem either.

If you want to gallop on the beach the big advantage is that you can choose the ground. The closer you ride to the water, the harder the ground is. Such a large beach is also perfect for letting the horse run, as you can see incredibly far.

Where does my horse stay?

Each horse gets its own pasture and a stable, but the owners can decide where the horse stays. The facility is newly renovated and the boxes have no bars, so that the horses can have social contacts. Furthermore, the stables are all equipped with a window that is always open to let in fresh air. During the renovation only very large outdoor boxes were built and all boxes are littered with dust-free straw chaff. This allows especially horses with respiratory problems to breathe freely.

The hay comes from the pastures of Borkum and is included in the price. Only the concentrated feed should be provided by the owners. Everything else concerning the supply of the horse is regulated by the owners, but this can also be arranged with Uwe.

Staubfreie Ställe



 Die Weide: Ideal für Pferde mit Atemwegsproblemen


How long should I stay?

Most people stay between 8 days and 4 weeks at the JR Horse Boarding House. But there are also some who bring their horses for therapy for 1 to 2 months. In this case, the prices are lower and are individually adjusted in consultation with Uwe to suit the horse.

Are the beach rides organised?

Uwe does not accompany the beach rides, but there is a trail map and of course he is always ready to assist. You can ride to the sea directly from the stables and in 15 to 20 minutes you are at the beach. Most of the time, visitors team up and newcomers can ride together with those who have been there longer.

How far do the visitors travel?

Recently even visitors from the Allgäu region came to see Uwe, but they also made a stopover on the way. Visitors come from all over Germany, many even from the Frankfurt and the Sauerland.

What costs do should I expect?

Unfortunately, a holiday at the beach is not cheap. This is especially due to the ferry trip, hence it is not smart to travel to to Borkum only for a long weekend. The ferry prices are calculated according to the length and weight of the vehicle and the trailer, therefore it becomes more expensive with larger vehicles. It is also important whether you travel from the Netherlands via Eemshaven (travel time approx. 50 min) or via Emden (travel time approx. 2 hours 15 min). The journey via Eemshaven is considerably cheaper here. More detailed information on ferry prices can be found on the AG EMS website.

At Uwe's place there is no possibility to stay overnight as a rider. But don't worry - there are two guesthouses and a camping site right next door. Depending on the accommodation, the prices here vary, but with more people it will be cheaper here too. On the campsite you can stay for a week with a small tent for less than 50€, at the pension and the holiday flat the costs for one person are between 266€ and 490€.

The following table shows the prices for one person for a stay of one week.


Coming from Emden

Coming from Eemshaven

Cars up to 5m length incl. 1 driver

€ 202,10

€ 177,10

Horse trailer up to 4m length

€ 142,40

€ 96,10

Stabling of the horse for 1 week

€ 215

Accommodation of the rider for 1 week

~€ 300

Visitor's tax

€ 21


€ 880,50

€ 809,20



A holiday at the beach and especially on the North Sea islands is expensive, but offers many possibilities to support the health of the horse. Especially for horses with respiratory problems a holiday means pure wellness. We can't wait to gallop along the beach with our own horses and to ensure that you don't forget anything at home we have put together a packing list for you. If we have forgotten anything or you would like to tell us about your own holiday experiences with horses, please write a comment.

And if you are in the mood for a holiday at JR Horse Pension you can find more information here.

Packing List for a beach vacation with you horse

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