Was ist bi-medEctoin®?

What is bi-medEctoin®?

Even if you are not immediately aware of bi-medEctoin®, we are almost certain that you have used it before. Our partners, such as EUBOS and mundipharma, have already valued the highly effective and protective properties of bi-medEctoin® for a long time and use it in many different ways. Check it out next time you buy nasal spray, eye drops, lozenges or skin cream.


bi-med Ectoin® belongs to a group of stress protection molecules called extremolytes.

Extremolytes are substances that are produced by microorganisms and plants to protect themselves against extremely hostile life conditions (permanent ice, salt lakes, deserts, etc.). In the 1980s, the microorganisms were discovered in a salt lake in the Egyptian desert which produce Ectoin® to protect against extreme heat and the high salt concentration.  Using a biotechnological process, we imitate the processes that occur in nature and have found a way to produce bi-med Ectoin® in Dortmund as well.

What does bi-med Ectoin® do?

bi-medEctoin® - we call it the natural self-defence strategy.

bi-med Ectoin® protects against external environmental influences, such as pollution or variations in temperature. The protective properties are based on the water-loving properties of bi-med Ectoin®. It binds the water molecules of its  surroundings. bi-med Ectoin® in combination with the water molecules forms a protective shell around the cells.

The human body consists of a high percentage of water.The body weight of adults is about 60% of water. For women, the percentage of water is about 10% lower because they have more "water deficient" body fat tissue.

The water in the cells ensures the nutrition of the cell, enables many biochemical processes such as cell metabolism and also ensures the removal of used and toxic nutrients and waste products.

Responsible for this is the so-called extracellular fluid, i.e. the water outside the cell. The water is directly connected to the cells, but is also in active interaction with the blood system. No cell could survive without the transport medium water. The cell would starve because it would not receive a single nutrient.  Without water there is no life.

Thanks to the presence of bi-medEctoin®, the water molecules "cuddling" to the cell, which moistens it more intensely. In the long term, the cells are strengthened, kept healthy and their resistance is increased. You can imagine that the cells can breathe more easily when bi-medEctoin® surrounds them. So we turn a normal cell into a supercell.

How does bi-med Ectoin® help horses?

bi-medEctoin® can have a positive effect in many ways. It protects as well as regenerates cells. This is very important, for example, in the horse's lungs to protect them from stresses such as dust. But the horse's eye is also exposed to many influences such as wind, flies and UV light. If you have a look at our products, you will find more information or just ask us.

Do you already have experience with bi-medEctoin®? Or any suggestions and ideas for us? Then feel free to share them with us in the comments or by e-mail to animalcare@bitop.de.

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