The Hippomobil

The saltair trailer for your stable

The increasing drought is causing more and more horses to suffer from coughing and respiratory problems, such as RAO and IAD (also known as equine asthma/EA). Previously these diseases were also known as COPD and COB. In chronic cases, abdominal breathing or the so called "heave-line" can be observerd. Causes of these diseases are allergic reactions to mould, pollen and dust, which is why horses in stables often experience more problems with respiratory diseases. Additionally, horses may have a genetic susceptibility to RAO, but in general it is important to optimize the environment of the horse to avoid allergic reactions.
However, there are various ways to support regeneration. On the one hand there is the saltair inhalation in a horse trailer or stable(The sea climate for your stable), on the other hand inhalers like the Air One, the FlexiNeb or the SaHoMa can be used for inhalation with NaCl.
The acquisition costs are considerable high, but for a permanent improvement they are usually unavoidable. For those who want to test the effect first, we have looked for competent partners, where rental is possible as well.


The Hippomobil

Our first partner is Christina Große-Hagenbrock from Hippomobil in Riesenbeck (in Münsterland).

Christina and her mother Petra offer their saltair trailer including comprehensive advice and support for rental. They use their Hippomobil for both acute and preventive treatment. Already after the first treatment the clients often notice a significant improvement of the symptoms, not only for respiratory diseases but also for metabolic disorders and eczema.

We also visited Christina and her mother Petra on site to get a first-hand impression and are convinced that we have found the right partner for our cooperation.

Pferd beim inhalieren mit NaCl

What are the requirements?

For the saltair trailer you need a loading place and a power supply (220V). The special feature of the trailer is that it can stand without a car in front of it and can be parked everywhere, as for example directly in your pasture.

Nebel in der Solekammer

Is there a introduction?

There is even more than just a briefing. From the very first contact, an anamnesis is made, which includes the horse's state of health, its history, previous treatments, holding conditions, feeding, experience with inhalation, etc.. For the treatment Christina or Petra will bring the trailer to you, help with the assembly and explain everything about the handling and technique of the trailer. For the first inhalation, they are happy to stay with their clients to take away initial uncertainties and to assist with the first application. Furthermore, they support their customers during the entire rental period and beyond and are available at all times to answer any questions. In the meantime they investigate the success of the treatment, because it is a matter of the heart for them not to leave their customers alone!


Single Application, 45 min   1 Horse: 40,00 € 2 Horses: 50,00 €
Daily rent incl. 1 Bottle Brine: 150,00 €
Monday till Thursday  incl. 3 Bottles Brine: 300,00 €*
Friday till sunday  incl. 3 Bottles Brine:  300,00 €*
7 Days  incl. 7 Bottles Brine:  560,00 €*
Every week thereafter: 480,00 €
Travel costs
10 km free. Each additional kilometre 0,60 €


*Look forward to great discounts with our partners. With the code bitop 10% you save 10% on the weekly rental of a brine trailer. For a rental period of 3 to 4 days you save 5% with the code bitop 5%. You can simply enter the codes when you place your order. 


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