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DIncreasing dryness is causing more and more horses to suffer from coughing and respiratory problems such as RAO and IAD (also known as Equine Asthma/EA). In the past, these diseases were also known as COPD and COB. In worse cases, abdominal breathing or the so-called "vapour gutter" can be observed. The reasons for this can be allergies to dust, pollen or mould spores. Often the posture plays a big role in this. To support this, inhalers such as the Air One, the FlexiNeb or the SaHoMa can be used for inhalation with NaCl. The purchase costs here are considerable, but for a lasting improvement they are usually unavoidable. For those who want to test the effect first, we have turned to competent partners where rental is possible.

May Britt von Horse Support - Beratung bei chronisch kranken Pferden

Horse  Support

There are many uncertainties and questions about respiratory diseases among horse owners.

  • How do I get my horse used to the inhaler?
  • What can I do if my horse breathes too flat?
  • What can I do if my horse struggles with the inhaler?
  • I have the feeling that nothing happens when I inhale - what am I doing wrong?
  • Should my horse inhale before or after exercise?
  • Which inhalation supplements make sense for my horse?
  • What mask size does my horse need?
    May Britt has a lot of experience with horses suffering from respiratory diseases and has been answering horse owners' questions about these issues for over 10 years. It is very important to her to respond individually to each horse and its circumstances. Originally, she started her own mobile horse care business, but due to the increasing demand, she opened 2 intensive care yards to help owners of chronically ill horses. At the same time, she trained as a veterinary nurse and has worked in close contact with vets ever since. She has put all her experience from the past years into her current business "Horse Support". In her online shop, she rents out her Air One, advises customers in detail, writes blog articles and sells products related to inhalation.

    How does the rental process work at Horse Support?

    Air One Anleitung von Horse Support

    May Britt ships the Air One throughout Germany, as well as to Austria and Belgium. Before shipping, the first consultation takes place in which all details are discussed. This can be about the right mask size, but also about other measures to optimise the posture. The consultation takes place online, but May Britt considers close contact with her customers as extremely important. Therefore, she is available 7 days a week and also uses WhatsApp to quickly exchange pictures and videos or to find out more about the current status.

    After the rental, May Britt disinfects and cleans all the parts herself, because safety and hygiene are her top priorities.

    Horse Support rents out its inhalers for as little as one week, so that everyone has the chance to get to know the device and get a feel for how the horse reacts to it. However, most people choose a longer term of 2 to 6 weeks and especially patients with allergies often take advantage of the offer to support their horse during the whole allergy season. During the entire rental period, May Britt attaches great importance to close contact with her clients and especially the aftercare is very important to her. She has been accompanying some of her clients for more than 2 years, because the most important thing for her is to help the horses in the long term.

    Independent of the rental, May Britt is also dedicated to provide in-depth customer advice. For this purpose, a free initial consultation can be arranged by email, in which the further procedure will be discussed.

    Costs per day

    Air One   7,50 €
    Air One Akku  8,00 €
    Air One Flex  8,50 €
    The minimum rental period is 1 week.

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