About us

Our Vision

Our Vision is to use the protection power of our natural actives to improve the health and well-being of our beloved animals.

Unsere Mission

We use our experience and our personal desire for more effective solutions to ensure the well-being of our four-legged friends. We aim to provide owners and entrepreneurs worldwide with the best solutions in the industry that can keep up with our own high standards:

  • All products developed in Germany
  • Complying with the same high standards as our medical products for humans
  • Sustainable and cruelty free
  • Free of potentially irritating substances such as cortisone, preservatives or dyes

Our mission is to create a brand that can be trusted.


Our Team


Herr Mähler der Geschäftsführer der Animal Health & Care GmbH

Christian A. Mähler
My name is Chris and I came to equestrian sport through family commitment.
As CEO of bitop Animal Health & Care GmbH, I am delighted that we can make a lasting contribution with our innovative care products to the "most beautiful hobby in the world".


Annika Leschner mit ihrer Stute PennyLane 

Annika Leschner
Hi there! My name is Annika, and horses have been part of my life since I was able to walk. However, I never thought that they would be part of my professional life, as I was mainly involved in cosmetic products before. Thanks to bitopEQUI® I am now allowed to combine my hobby with my profession and my mare PennyLane is now able to earn her carrots as a photo model and tester. 😉


Lea Hüser mit Ihrem Pony Mo

Lea Hüser
Hello, my name is Lea and I studied International Equine Business Management in the Netherlands before joining the bitop team. So feel free to write to me in Dutch.


Luisa Hille

Luisa Hille
Hi, my name is Luisa Hille. I have been with the bitopEQUI® team since September 2020 and previously studied Equine Business Management in the Netherlands. My passion for horses was the reason for my studies and I am more than happy to be involved with the topic of horses at bitopEQUI® as well.


bi-medEctoin Produktion der bitop Animal Health & Care GmbH in Dortmund

This is our location in Dortmund Hörde, a well-known industrial site. This is where we produce our bi-medEctoin® and develop all our products.

And why Dortmund?

Dortmund is a city in the centre of Westphalia. Here the people carry their hearts on their tongues. People are honest and like to meet for a chat at the kiosk around the corner for a beer.

By the way, this city used to be the world beer city with the most breweries. At the same time of course an ultimate football city, where the heart always beats black and yellow (the colours of the local soccer team). Whether rich or poor, here in the pot we are all equal!

Over the last 15 years, the image of Dortmund has changed considerably, and the structures of the old heavy industry are only relics of a bygone era. Our location in the Phönix West industrial estate is a good example of this, as well as the Phönixsee, the U tower and the many newly created parks and green spaces.