bi-medEctoin® in horse care products for the respiratory tract

Discover the mode of action here

bi-medEctoin® in horse care products for the respiratory tract

Discover the mode of action here

What is bi-medEctoin®?

bi-medEctoin® is a 100% natural stress protection molecule.

The unique protective properties of bi-medEctoin® are based on its water-loving properties: it binds the water molecules from the environment and thus covers the cell surface, skin or mucous membrane like a protective shield. This so-called “ectoine-hydro-complex” ensures lasting moisturization and physical protection against external irritants (e.g. pollen, dust or temperature changes). The moisturized and protected layer supports the cell regeneration and stimulates the self-healing process.

Versatile application possibilities

bi-medEctoin® can have a supportive effect in many areas.

The effect of bi-medEctoin® is purely physical, without any known side effects or interactions and has no habituation effect. It is therefore perfectly suitable for being used alongside therapy. As well as being used to care for the respiratory tract, the active ingredient is also suitable for the care of dry, irritated eyes or for dermatological problems such as dry, irritated skin or excema. The entire product range of care products with bi-medEctoin® can be found here.

Effectiveness proven in studies*:

Studies* in human medicine prove the efficacy of bi-medEctoin® in aerosol therapy under various conditions in patients with respiratory diseases.

For relevant scientific studies and test results, click here.

About the product

bi-medEctoin® easy breathe is used to care for, moisturize, cleanse, protect and maintain the health of the respiratory tract in horses with coughs, equine asthma, allergies or stuck mucus. It is an intensively researched care substance of natural origin with a wide range of possible applications.

By diluting with NaCl 0.9%, the solution can be prepared in either an isotonic or hypertonic mixing ratio. Suitable for all common nebulizers.


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