bi-medEctoin® in horse care products for the skin

Discover the mode of action here

bi-medEctoin® in horse care products for the skin

Discover the mode of action here

What is bi-medEctoin®?

bi-medEctoin® is a 100% natural stress protection molecule.

The unique protective properties of bi-medEctoin® are based on its water-loving properties: it binds the water molecules from the environment and thus covers the cell surface, skin or mucous membrane like a protective shield. This so-called “ectoine-hydro-complex” ensures lasting moisturization and physical protection against external irritants (e.g. pollen, dust or temperature changes). The moisturized and protected layer supports the cell regeneration and stimulates the self-healing process.

How can it help horses?

bi-medEctoin® can have a supportive effect in many areas.
bitopEQUI® SKIN Silver is a special pastern care product that has been developed to meet the needs of sensitive and irritated horse skin. It supports horses that suffer from pastern dermatitis and other skin conditions. Thanks to the unique formulation, the skin is soothed, moisturized and protected from environmental irritants. The skin's natural protective barrier is stabilized to prevent future irritation.

Reduces inflammations of the skin

Studies in human medicine have shown that bi-medEctoin® has a moisturizing, cell-protecting and regenerating effect. In addition, the cell membrane is stabilized, its elasticity increased and inflammation reduced.

For relevant clinical studies and research, click here.

About our product

Thanks to the unique formulation, irritated and crusty skin is soothed, moisturized, protected from environmental irritants and shielded from future skin irritations.

The bitopEQUI® SKIN Silver contains 4 valuable ingredients:

  • bi-medEctoin®

    protective power substance and long-term moisturizing

  • Glycoin® natural

    vitalizing cell protection and immediate moisturizing

  • Zinc

    immune system booster

A convincing effect.

The horse care product is used successfully on irritated and inflamed fetlock bends. The product protects and supports those areas of the skin where the skin barrier is irritated and damaged.

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